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The Story

The beginning of Dwayne Seal Custom Designs dates back to 1977 when a young man was hired to do simple drafting for an architect out of Edmonton. By the end of 2005, it was time that Dwayne Seal Custom Designs became a full time endeavour. The twenty eight years had allowed Dwayne to learn and develop his technology and then express those thoughts of design through pencil/paper and eventually onto digital formats.


10 years later, Dwayne Seal Custom Designs is familiar to the residential construction community and carries a reputation for well thought out designs leading to strong construction plans.


Every job is a group project starting with you, the owner, as the team leader. As the team leader, it is your responsibility to share your dreams with the group. The group will then consult to refine the project criteria with help of a thorough property study. The property study will highlight everything from instruments registered to your title, limitations of the land use bylaws and the use of appraisal and comparable information to determine budget feasibility. The feasibility looks at the potential of the neighborhood to sustain your project value within the community and to the resale market. Your home holds the financial security of your family investment and must maintain the highest possible equitable value without being the biggest on the block! In the end it is up to you to determine an educated budget with the help of all of these tools.


Dwayne Seal Custom Designs believes in the group project process which introduces experts and professionals for the various disciplines to realization of the final design. The group consists of you as the owner/leader, the home designer, builder, interior designer, cabinet designer, architectural technologists, engineers, surveyors, estimators, manufacturer’s engineers and various behind the scenes people. Other group members could be the appraisal specialist, a mortgage specialist, realtors, a landscape architect, audio/visual/digital designers, lighting designer and possibly other as your project requires.


It was said that Dwayne Seal Custom Designs comes to the table with more than most to ensure the best design is attained for you; the client. We pride ourselves in understanding the difference between the requirements of commonality in design to mass market and the need of individuality of the project to become your home/resort/sanctuary/escape/pride/base of everyday living.


No project is too small for this level of consideration and we look forward to our next group project with you!


Dwayne Seal Custom Designs – Designs for new homes and renovations.

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