Design Development


​The development of a design starts with an understanding of the limitations outlined by Land Use Bylaws/Zoning which can overshadow the clients criteria and budget.

Your dreams and wants must be a part of the development of your criteria. You must not forget to include the things you don't like about the function of a home. That maybe something you live in now or have had experience with in the past. Dwayne Seal Custom Designs will take all of this information and mix it with our experience to develop a plan that will focus on your needs with a high consideration towards positive equity. 


Municipal & Code Requirements

The Dwayne Seal Custom Designs team works hard to ensure that complete research is performed on the subject lot before the beginning of any design development is started. All regulatory areas are considered from Instruments attached to title, Land Use Bylaws, Architectural Controls, Area Policy Plans, Flood Fringe requirements, local building codes, Abandoned gas well locations, municipal trees, land contours to natural drainage, setback, right of ways... and more.

Working Drawings


The development of powerful plans will supply the customer with the tools to pull tight builder/supplier quotes. These plans will also build out to be an effective and cost sensitive to a successful project. 

The Dwayne Seal Custom Design Team will ensure that details of the home will coordinate with engineering specifications through to the coordination of floor & truss systems. The thought process of the plans is to build the structure in our minds and create instructions on paper to communicate the intent of the design to the builder. Builder permit plans and construction plans must be one and the same.

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